Ranger dies in road accident

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Ranger Marshal Ncube lost his life in an accident involving one of our vehicles. The vehicle came off the road near Manjolo, on the way back to the park. Five other persons were injured, one remains in hospital but is out of danger. We wish them a speedy recovery. 

Marshal was a lovely man, intelligent, hard working and conscientious; a loving husband and a doting father. He was also a long-serving ranger in Chizarira National Park, who truly appreciated the park for its great beauty and was proud of his role in protecting it. 

Marshal’s funeral was held in Bulawayo, attended by representatives from ZimParks and NPR, who reported a celebration of his life as well as a sad mourning of his passing. The life of a ranger is fraught with danger, but that makes it no less tragic when a life is lost. 

Our commiserations go out to Marshal’s family and friends, especially his wife and daughter, they will always be in our thoughts. We are grateful to the Thin Green Line Foundation’s Fallen Ranger Appeal, through which we are providing support for Marshal’s family.



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