Sadly, charity has become big business, and despite billions being spent on conservation projects around the world, National Parks are still being plundered and many species are racing toward extinction. National Park Rescue is part of a small group of disruptive 21st-century organisations running effective operations finally giving wildlife the security it deserves. Here are 8 reasons you should put all your donor power behind us...

1. We save major National Parks on the edge of collapse

Poor security and rampant corruption have turned Africa's National Parks into killing fields. We take on the dangerous frontline parks others avoid, where thousands of elephants and other wildlife are being slaughtered. Backing us saves wildlife in the gravest danger.

2. Our brave staff hunt armed poachers not donors

Wildlife needs security PROPORTIONAL TO THE THREAT it faces. National Parks can be severely hostile environments where commercial poaching gangs, backed by organised criminal finance, will shoot elephants and rangers on sight. Sadly, most wildlife mega-charities are run by teams of highly-paid academics, focusing on fundraising, report writing and other office-bound tasks.

WEO DO THIS: National Park Rescue teams are on patrol every day deep in the African bush ACTUALLY protecting endangered wildlife from poachers, snares and other threats.

NOT THIS: Wildlife Crime is one of the world’s biggest law enforcement challenges which traditional, academic-staffed charities have failed to combat.

3. We reconnect communities
with National Parks

Our pioneering Community Ration Supply scheme (CRS) allows communities to benefit from feeding park staff and supplying the park's needs.

4. We recruit 95% of our staff from communities

Our operations recruit staff from the park’s surrounding communities. We create careers and provide on-the-job training, empowering local people to save their OWN natural heritage.

5. Our virtual currency educates and saves lives

'Sables' is our National Park currency that helps puts local kids through school and pays rangers' medical bills and other essentials - a pioneering incentive scheme.

6. We empower disadvantaged women

Women have a tough life in many African countries, with few opportunities to advance themselves. But they are hard-working and passionate about creating a better world for their children. Our all-female scout teams are recruited from unemployed single mothers from some of Africa's poorest communities. These inspirational, pioneering women prove that, when given the chance, women can be a powerful weapon against poaching. And they are rapidly changing attitudes.

7. We halt IRREVERSIBLE destruction

Just like the Amazon Rainforest or the melting icecaps, it's difficult for people to comprehend that once a major National Park is gone, it's GONE, along with all the wildlife that once called it home. National Parks may be thousands of square kilometres protecting thousands of elephants and other wildlife. Our rescue operations stop irreversible destruction in its tracks.

8. EVERY dollar helps save wildlife

The environment only receives 3% of all charitable giving, and just a fraction of this goes towards effective wildlife protection, so every dollar counts. We achieve so much on so little by being highly streamlined and strategic in our work, so your hard-earned donation is never wasted on common charity practises...


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