Celebrated artist Rosana Venturini pledges support for National Park Rescue

National Park Rescue are hugely honoured that Rosana Venturini, a signature member of Artists for Conservation, has pledged to support us through sales of her stunning artwork.

Rosana draws her inspiration from nature and the people fighting to protect it. Having travelled widely in Africa she has produced an impressive library of wildlife photographs from which she creates her stunning artwork. Rosana has also collaborated with wildlife photographers Graeme Purdy and Frederico Veronesi, who have kindly donated their fine art photographs of African wildlife to support National Park Rescue’s work in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Artists for Conservation are the world’s leading artist group supporting the environment. Representing over 500 artists from 30 countries, including some of wildlife art’s most recognised names, Artists for Conservation supports wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental education through art that celebrates nature.

National Park Rescue are honoured that our efforts have been recognised by Artists for Conservation, and we look forward to displaying Rosana’s incredible pieces at our camp in Zimbabwe.


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