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Positively impacting one of the. greatest challenges of our time: Species Extinction

National Park Rescue’s COBRA team head our Ranger Force, oversee the organisation’s strategy, making a real-world impact on the survival of some of Africa’s most threatened protected areas.

As the organisation expands to take on more national parks, the historic impact of COBRA’s steering influence will continue to grow.   COBRA is the most senior rank in the NPR hierarchy and its members constitute a virtual command responsible for the organisation’s top-level decision making.  COBRA members include conservation experts, influential entrepreneurs, dignitaries and celebrities, collectively contributing a diverse set of skills and areas of influence.  They are united by a passion for protecting the natural world and personally turning the tide on extinction

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Contributing Ideas to Combat Poaching

With our powerful teams operating in some of Africa's most troubled areas, COBRA's strategies quickly transform to real-world change for wildlife on the ground.

Turning Skills into Saving Wildlife

COBRA turns the talent of its members, be it business development, social media marketing, public relations or fine art painting, into real-world change.

Creating History-Changing Strategies

The decisions that come out of COBRA meetings and online interactions are enacted in the real-world, directly impacting elephants and other threatened wildlife.

Reshaping the Wildlife Landscape

National Park Rescue operates in threatened National Parks from a list managed and voted upon by COBRA members. Our work reshapes entire landscapes.

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Pioneering Community Sharing

Communities historically battle with parks but COBRA created the game-changing Community Rations Supply (CRS) scheme paying them to feed and supply the park!

Pioneering Virtual Currency

COBRA pioneered the first National Park Virtual Currency rewarding rangers by paying their families' school fees and medical bills. It's already being adopted by other parks. in Africa.

Funded the Rescue of 1,000s of Elephants

COBRA is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference to the planet, impacting the survival of biodiversity and shaping the future of our relationship with nature.

Impacting the World our Kids will Inherit

COBRA members make a meaningful impact on the planet's last great wilderness: Africa. They affect the survival of biodiversity and, ultimately, humanity.

Roger Moore ID Card 007

The COBRA card for our Founding Backer, the late Sir Roger Moore.  We issued him a unique ID number!  The card gives access to COBRA meetings, NPR park HQs etc.


COBRA is reserved for those who are able to help the organisation grow by positively contributing to one of our three operating divisions.  It includes conservation experts, major backers, and figures of potential influence, including dignitaries and celebrities. If you’d like to make contact regarding a potential position, use the button to email our COBRA team, or learn about becoming a Major Backer

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